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Mattress covers
Mattress covers extend mattresses life by keeping them clean and repelling mites which are microscope size bugs that feed on dead skin and lodge in your mattresses. And yes! Some people are allergic to the mite feces. It is therefore essential to eliminate them. Some mattress covers are designed to prevent the mites to take place in your mattresses and eliminate them during washing. This is the case of our Medi-Safe mattress cover which is offered in all standard sizes.

We propose in store a full range of mattress pillow protectors.

100 % Coton

Protège-matelas 100 % coton avec gousset de 15″ pour matelas épais.

Waterproof and anti-mite
Available in several comfort types: Cotton terry, bamboo, padded and more!

  • Waterproof to liquid and air-permeable (it breathes)
  • For healthy sleeping conditions and allergies control 
  • Warm water machine wash safe and dryable at low temperature
  • Removes dust mites, mold, fungi and bacteria

 Anti bed bug

  • Washable and dryable
  • Effective barrier against bed bugs
  • Stretch fabric for better fit
  • Air-permeable (it breathes) slipcover entirely covering the mattress
  • Velcro locking Zipper system with internal protective flap.


  • Your best protection
  • Certified anti bed bugs by an entomology laboratory
  • Superior protection against incontinence
  • Barrier against dust mites and allergies such as animal dander, pollen and mold
  • Breathable and waterproof 
  • Barrier BugLock preventing bed bugs and insects to enter, exit and bite

Superior protection and up to 180 nights trial period
When you purchase an eligible mattress cover (protector) while purchasing a new mattress in store, you get superior protection against stains. If your new mattress is stained even with the use of one of our waterproof mattress cover, your mattress will be cleaned free of charge. This guarantee is valid for 5 to 10 years after purchase, depending on the purchased mattress cover.  Inquire in store. If you add an anti bed bug mattress cover , you get the best protection on the market and we even add up to it by offering a trial period for up to 180 nights on your new mattress. You will then sleep soundly!

Mattress protector Zenima "Gauvin" Bedding


Mattress protector Zenima "Gauvin" Fit mattress up to 15'' thick 8 oz/v2 filling, 250 thread poly-cotton Waterproof version available Washable Give a second life to your mattress.  Custom size available contact us for the price ..

Mattress protector Zenima Bambou"Gauvin" Bedding


Bamboo mattress protector Zenima "Gauvin" Fit mattress up to 15'' thick 7 oz/v2 filling, bamboo-coton cover Waterproof version available Washable Give a second life to your mattress.  Custom size available contact us for the price ..

Protège-matelas antipunaise   Bedding


Barrière contre les punaises de lit Enveloppe complètement le matelas Tissu extensible s'ajustant sur tous les matelas Fermeture éclair avec rabat de velcro pour plus de sécurité ..

Smooth Sleep mattress protector  Bedding


  Smooth Sleep mattress protector Dream SereneAllergyShield barrier against allergens and dust mitesReduce eczema and asthma symptomsWet Block technology provides stain and waterproof protection to your mattressSmooth and comfortable surfaceMachin wash and dry Fits up to 21" deep5 y..

Classic Wool Puddle pad '' Natura'' Bedding


Classic Wool Puddle pad '' Natura''absorbs leaks and accidents to keep baby's mattress fresh and dryCreates a naturally breathable barrier with Cry Less WoolReduce growth of bacteria, mold and mildewFree of harmful toxins and chemicals found in regular plastic padPolyurethane freeWash in cold water,..

Natural Mattress protector"Gauvin" Bedding


Natural Mattress protector"Gauvin"Fit mattress up to 15'' thick 250 gm2 100% unbleached cotton filling100% Unbleached cotton fabric Waterproof version available in option Washable Give a second life to your mattress.  Custom size available contact us for the price ..

Tranquility Bamboo mattress protector  Bedding


Tranquility Bamboo mattress protector Dream SereneUltra-breathable surface for a cool sleepWaterproof backing provides maximum protection against dust mites, allergens, spills and stain Fitted sheet style 10 year warranty     ..

Smooth Sleep mattress encasement Bedding


Smooth Sleep mattress encasement Dream SereneDreamSEAL technology defense against bed bugs, allergens and dust mitesWaterproof and breathable backingSmooth and comfortable surfaceFits mattresses from 7" to 11"deep10 years warranty ..

Mattress protector
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