Topper and featherber

Toppers and featherbers

The mattress topper is a thin mattress that fits over your mattress. There are many types of toppers: in natural, softer and warmer materials, synthetic materials, as well as for better thermal performances. A mattress topper increases comfort and improves hygiene because it is easier to ventilate and wash. Furthermore, it extends the life of your mattress. We have a wide selection of toppers for every kind of comfort and budget.

2'' Cooling Gel topper Bedding


2'' gel convoluted  memory foam topperQuited removable bamboo coverReduce body pressure points ..

Plumard Impérial Comforel "Marie L'Oie"


  Fait à la main au Québec Construction à carreaux hermétiques Bourre de comforel synthétique hypoallergénique Recouvrement matelassé de coton 260 fils au pouce        simple: 5.5 lbs, double: 8.5 lbs, queen: 10 lbs, king: 14.5 lbs ..

Featherbed "Marie L'Oie" Bedding


Featherbed '' Marie L'Oie''200 thread count 100% white cotton shellInternal channels construction100% Feather fillingDownmark certified    twin: 8.5 lb, double: 11 lb, queen: 13.5 lb, king 17 lb ..

Memory Gelfex topper 2" ''Angel Rest" Toppers and featherbers


Reversible 2'' Memory Gelflex topper "Angel Rest" HD 4lbsGentle pressure relief Ecologic, removable and washable bamboo cover (dry clean only)CertipurMade in Quebec ..

Organic Eco friendly ''myMerinoTopper'' wool mattress topper Bedding


BenefitsThe myMerino Topper is ideal for anyone who dreams of the ultimate in comfort, relaxation, health, and peaceful sleep.With 700 muscles needing to relax during sleep, myMerino Topper provides the most desirable comfort and relief from the pressure points because of its soft and supple, spring..

Eco friendly Wool topper ''MyDual Pad'' Sleep & Beyond Bedding


Eco friendly Wool topper ''MyDual Pad'' Sleep & BeyondRegulates your body temperature to keep you warmer in the winter wick moisture away from the skinSide #1: fine washable wool fleece, 400 gsmside #2: Covered with 100% natural cotton percale, 270 TC. Filled with 100% washable wool, 17 oz...

Eco friendly ''myTopper'' wool mattress topper from Sleep & Beyond Bedding


Eco friendly ''myTopper'' wool mattress topper from Sleep & Beyond270 TC natural cotton percale cover35 oz/sq. yd machin washable woolKeeps you warm in winter and cool in summerHelps to prevent overheating or over cooling during sleepQuickly wicks away moisture without making you feel cold or cl..

Hybrid 2'' memory topper "Angel Rest" Toppers and featherbers


Hybrid 2'' memory topper "Angel Rest"2'' Hybrid plush memory foam HD CertipurQuick recover to it original shapeEcologic, removable and washable quilted bamboo cover (dry clean only)Made in Quebec ..

Topper and featherber
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