Desity chart 

The density of the foams used in a mattress confection influences the lifetime of it. For a mattress that meets your needs, it is important to choose the right density foam. According to the February 2015 edition of the Protégez-Vous magazine, a foam is of good quality if it presents a 2 pounds per cubic foot and more density. Here is a chart that can help you choose the right density depending on your weight.

Require the density number for your weight if you do not want the component foam mattress to soften, no longer offering any support and forming uncomfortable body prints on your mattress ... Caution, some manufacturers claim their foams are HD (high density) while there of only 1.45 or 1.65 pounds ... This density is recommended for sleepers weighing approximately 125 pounds and less ... so do not rely on the HD designation and demand for the appropriate density, leaning on the weight of the heaviest sleeper. The weight represented in the chart is the weight per sleeper and not the total weight of the sleepers. Good night!

Tips to extend the life of your mattress.

Today's mattresses are made of several comfort layers to eliminate pressure points and improve sleepers comfort. It is normal that these layers soften with time. To maximize the comfort of your mattress, the use of 2 pounds density layers is essential for a more uniform surface. We also recommend that you rotate your mattress from head to foot with the change of seasons, or more often as needed. You possess a king sized mattress? This one is almost square. If you can, rotate it a quarter of a turn and your mattress will last 4 times longer.

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