Latex Mattresses

Treat yourself with what’s best for your body and health: a range of natural and organic mattresses, free of chemical product. For a naturally better sleep.

Latex is the sap of a tree (Hevea) which we collect as we do with maple syrup. This sap is then baked to produce latex. There are two kinds of latex: "Dunlop"latex, which is cooked by heating plates from outside the sap inwardly, and "Talalay" latex, which is cooked by many peaks, heating the latex from its center outwards. The second one is the most consistent and stronger. Mattresses made with Talalay latex present an average life of over 20 years. From being 100% natural, this latex also possesses outstanding properties. It naturally repels moths, mites and mildews. It breathes and quickly wicks moisture and is dimensionally stable. Non-toxic to health, it helps reduce allergies and asthma symptoms and also contributes to a cleaner environment. This is why it is the best choice for your family.

At Au Marché du Lit, we have our customer’s health and the health of our planet at heart. This is why we hold the largest selection of mattresses and toppers made with latex. Visit us to see how quickly our products can make a positive change in your life quality. Sleep better live better!

Best price at all times

Our Peace of mind PLUS price policy, lets you sleep tight. Since 1994, we have been offering the best prices on the market, and this, all year long. We are so convinced to propose the best prices, that if you find an advertised identical product with the same conditions at a lower price than ours, we will refund the difference plus 5%. Excluding floor models and items sold as is.

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