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Being conscious of this reality, Au Marché du Lit  offers a complete range of organic and natural products, inviting you to act positively and significantly on your own environment.

In front of the environmental changes around us, as consumers and retailers we have a duty of offering eco-friendly high quality products. Designed by responsible and conscientious manufacturers, our complete line of natural and organic products will take you to 7th heaven!

Certified "Organic" mattresses and bedding are free from any chemical, do not release any toxins, are GMO-free and environmentally friendly. They meet the standards to be certified. (PDF - 1.74 MB)

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Quiet nights....To make beautiful dreams

Created from nature's finest fruits
No chemicals added, mites are repelled, mildew can’t take place and you will not want to ever go without. We offer you the Biological Natura series, only created with the finest organic materials.

Respectful of the environment
The biological Natura collection is handled according to the highest standards. Natura works in harmony with nature, not against it. Made from high quality resources that are both renewable and recyclable, its Organic range is produced with taking into consideration the welfare of animals and the sustainability of the environment. For every 4 pounds of organic wool used by Natura, an acre of land escapes from pesticides and toxins.

A pure and allergen free sleep
The Organic range offers a healthy sleep surface without harmful allergens such as mold, dust mites and bacteria. The Organic range is antimicrobial, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It is designed to promote a naturally deep and restful sleep. You can say goodbye to restless nights caused by unpleasant allergies and feel refreshed when you wake up.

Controlled temperature Micro Climat
During the night, a person can lose on average up to ½ liter of water. This moisture usually stays under the sheets and around the body, which creates a moist and sticky environment. It can lead to increased heart rates and increased blood pressure, and then lead to restless sleep. The natural materials used in the confection of the Biological collection help create an atmosphere without thermal stress to keep your body at an ideal temperature all year round, so you can enjoy a restful sleep.

A wise investment for your health
When it comes to long-term performance, the Biological collection is inexpensive and offers the best quality. Manufactured in accordance with the highest standards, it is made to last and exceed your expectations. Thanks to its natural strength and exceptional durability, it is a great investment financially speaking and in terms of health and well being as well.

We hold in stock many certified organic products.


Mattress for baby

Quilt wool

10 oz organic wool

Wool mattress covers

6 oz organic wool

Mattress Cover 100% cotton

Organic cotton

100% organic cotton sheets

Québec vrai certified

Organic wool mattress topper

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