Posture cushions

Orthopedic posture cushions

Orthopedic knee cushion 3" Symbia ''Orthex'' Posture cushions


Orthopedic knee cushion 3'' thick Ideal knee support Reduce lumbar stress Provides the correct position to greatly reduce pain and give a optimum pelvis alignment Perfect size and fit Ecological, thermoregulative, antibactarial and washable bamboo cover Gel..

Orthopedic leg wedge 8" Symbia cushion ''Orthex'' Posture cushions


Provides the correct leg elevation to relieve lumbar tension Pelvis retroversion that stimulates a better blood flow and a soothing rest Similar to a zero gravity position Support the lumbar and pelvic regions for a total release Ecological, thermoregulative, antibacte..

Orthopedic wedge cushion Symbia ''Orthex'' Posture cushions


  Orthopedic wedge cushion Perfect for reading or watching TV in bed Ecological, thermoregulaive,antibacterial and washable bamboo cover Gel infused Memory foam surface Relieves pain and pressure for a full back support 18o or 23o inclination f..

Orthopedic cushions wedge
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