Au Marché du Lit  is also a large selection of quality sheets. Whether percale, poly-cotton, cotton sateen, Egyptian cotton, bamboo, flannel sheets, health sheets or other, we propose a range of 200 to 1,000 threads sheets that fit different mattress types from 10 " to 21 "gusset thickness. We also have a large selection of Quebec custom made sheets, which will perfectly meet your needs. Discover the luxury of European cotton with the collection of drapsRevelle, woven in Italy and made here in Canada.

Try our famous Bamboo sheets

  • Anti-mite effect
  • A high resistance
  • Do not retain odors
  • Washing and iron safe at a 30 ° temperature
  • Absorbs moisture four times more than cotton sheets
  • Provides lightness, softness and unique comfort, as soft as silk
  • Unique waterproof temperature moderating effect (bamboo fiber keeps warm in winter and cool in summer)
  • Do not request use of products after washing to maintain its softness
  • Ecological material that requires no fertilizer or pesticide, making this material the choice for sensitive skin

Discover the softness and lightness of MicroModal®

Thinner and softer, this fiber gives the sensation of skin on skin. Ideal for lingerie and luxury nightwear, modal is an extracted fiber from wood cellulose, which is a raw natural material. It is soft, supple and silky, for a high comfort. It is unusual for fabrics to stay soft and supple after several washes but this one does. The modal is particularly absorbent and breathable. Modal presents a behavior comparable to viscose and both their appearance is glossy, matte or dyed.

Give yourself the luxury of Tencel!

Tencel (lyocell fiber) is made with eucalyptus pulp. It is eco-friendly thanks to its environmentally friendly manufacturing process. In fact, eucalyptus pulp exclusively comes from sustainably managed forest plantations. The non-toxic solvent used during the production process is recovered and recycled. Furthermore, this process uses less water and energy, for ecological thinking. Tencel is an exceptionally comfortable fabric for your bedding, and environmentally friendly as well.

Benefits of Tencel

  •  A natural fiber, biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment
  • Tencel Fabrics, even washed and rewashed, will never lose their sweetness and natural properties
  • Practically wrinkle-free and easy to maintain while keeping their good flexibility
  • Tencel is distinguished by its high moisture absorption, 50% higher than cotton
  • Antibacterial, no moisture can take place on it, preventing the proliferation of bacteria
  • This luxurious fabric offers unsurpassed feeling of softness, flexibility and lightness
  • Excellent for sensitive skins (like virgin wool, Tencel fabric controls temperature on skin)

Moisturize your skin while you sleep with our cotton and Aloe Vera sheets

  • Luxurious 250 threads cotton
  • Your night beauty care
  • Hydrates and revitalizes skin during sleep
  • Aloe is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes
  • Aloe, activated by your body heat, is released and enters your skin

Enjoy the warmth of linen comfort

  • Ultra warm
  • Made in Quebec
  • No pilling
  • Available in all sizes
  • Perfectly fits your mattress

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